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  • Hi Everyone,

    Search engine submission used to be a good strategy for traditional SEO, but it still works for mobile search engines. This post has existed for awhile so I wanted to update it with some info I could on GoMoNews. The original post is here: http://www.gomonews.com/msearch/, but here is the list of mobile search engines that they have created:

    No. Name Description Type
    1 4INFO SMS service http://www.4info.net adds banner ads and links to texts containing user-requested information, like breaking sports scores or social network notification messages. C
    2 abphone http://m.abphone.com is a keyword-based media browser. It is dedicated to finding images and videos for download to your phone. A
    3 Alien Pants Specifically operating within the online and mobile gaming community, www.alienpants.com operates GTIP, an SMS-based customer support, hints and cheat service A
    4 Answers http://mobile.answers.com is the mobile version of www.answers.com. Searches result in a encyclopedia-style entry on the subject matter. C
    5 Any Question Answered www.aqa.63336.com is an entirely text based service that attempts to answer any question a user might have. C
    6 AOL http://mobile.aol.com/ – the mobile portal of AOLs search engine A
    7 ASK http://m.ask.com is the mobile portal of web search engine www.ask.com A
    8 AskMeNow www.askmenow.com provides answers to whatever questions you might have, through SMS queries, its mobile portal or a downloadable app. C
    9 Boopsie A downloadable app from www.boopsie.com, it uses predictive text to answer your query before you’re finished typing it. A
    10 Cellsigns www.cellsigns.com provides a mobile tool for real estate agents and buyers. Location-based queries from buyers get results from all agents signed up to Cellsigns. B
    11 ChaCha www.chacha.com maintains a panel of experts. ChaCha forwards users texts to the person best qualified to answer the question, and promises answers within minutes C
    12 Concierge Maintained by Conde Nast, the mobile search site www.concierge.com targets holiday makers. It searches destination brochures, holiday sites, hotels and weather information from around the world. B
    13 DotGo If you text www.dotgo.com with the domain name of a site, it reads the short code and responds by SMS with the information there. It’s a quick, easy way for domain owners to send information by SMS. D
    14 eTools http://www.etools.ch/mobile is a Swedish meta-search engine that queries over 10 major search sites. A
    15 Google mobile Google Search for mobile users, http://m.google.com/, offers advertisers the chance to place ads alongside search results. A
    16 Guanxi http://www.minfo.com/guanxi/en/ is an SMS based search service, with an optional downloadable client. It is a city-search service for China, providing entertainment and amenities information. B
    17 Hiogi www.hiogi.com is a community of people connected via Twitter, SMS and the mobile Internet. Users are rewarded for answering and asking questions. http://mobile.hiogi.com is its mobile portal. C
    18 Ixigo The mobile portal for an Indian travel search site, http://m.ixigo.com provides flight and hotel information. A
    19 JumpTap Using information collected from its mobile search platform, www.jumptap.com places targeted ads with search results. A
    20 JustDial www.justdial.com is the web based version of this Indian local search engine. It also offers SMS keyword searches to it’s database. B
    21 Kannuu www.kannuu.com offers search software that runs on non-computer devices. Its kannuu.device engine is geared towards the mobile Internet, using predictive software to speed searches. A
    22 Live Search Mobile www.livesearchmobile.com is the mobile portal for Windows Live search engine. It offers location-based searches and full-web search. A
    23 Local www.local.com provides location-based searches based on two inputs: what you’re looking for and where you’re looking for it. http://mobile.local.com does the same on mobile! B
    24 Maporama Geared towards companies rather than individuals, www.maporama.com allows users to keep track of sales outlets, clients, suppliers as well as moving sales agents & emergency units. D
    25 MasterCard Nearby https://wap.mcnearby.com is a location-based service that allows MasterCard customers to locate nearby cash and special merchant offers B
    26 mCore Search The mobile search engine of www.motricity.com, mCore promises single box search. It covers meta-search, WAP, Web indexes, local search, and portal search. A
    27 mdog http://mdog.com is a mobiles search only usable by smartphones. It offers the same functions as a full web search engine. A
    28 Medio www.medio.com runs a mobile search engine which uses mobile analytics to try and provide one-stop search results for users. Its mobile adverts are targeted and placed with the search results. A
    29 Mindshare www.mindshare.com is a multi-national advertising agency. Its Mindshare Interactive company deals with mobile advertising, and Mindshare Search deals with mobile search A
    30 Mobile Content Networks http://mcn-inc.com combines vertical search with its Taxonomy Engine to try to provide accurate search results. It also provides the opportunity to place targeted ads with search results. Demo of the search engine can be found here: http://mobilesearch.net/ A
    31 Mobile411 This downloadable app from www.v-enable.com allows location-based searches for local entertainment. Phone calles, texts and maps are all available from the app. B
    32 Nokia Mobile Search Nokia’s website provides the download for this app based search engine, which offers locations based and full web searches A B
    33 Onyomo http://m.onyomo.com/ provides it’s users with location-based info on amenities from Restaurants and ATMs to Airlines and Chemists. B
    34 Picollator Mobile www.picollator.com is a search engine that uses pictures instead of text for query input. http://picollator.mobi/ is the mobile version of this search engine. D A
    35 Publicis Groupe A multi-national marketing corporation, www.publicis.com operates in the search sector through deals with Yahoo, and in mobile advertising with its company PhoneValley (see Advertisers list). A
    36 Searchme The mobile version of www.searchme.com, http://m.searchme.com allows users to view a picture of the pages in its search result before choosing which one to visit. A
    37 Slifter www.slifter.com is a location-based service that helps users find products and promotions at local stores B
    38 Technorati mobile The mobile version of www.technorati.com, http://m.technorati.com/ specifically searches the “live” web, eg. blogs, news updates and other user generated content. A
    39 Texperts www.texperts.com offers answers to any question by text, and also a detailed map (from www.multipmap.com) in response to queries for directions. C
    40 WPP www.wpp.com is a multi-national marketing company. It operates in the mobile advertising sector through its company OgilvyOne, and invests in search and advertising companies like JumpTap (see above) A
    41 Yahoo! Mobile Yahoo! OneSearch is the mobile version of the full web searcher. Yahoo! Mobile Ad Services can also place ads with any of Yahoo’s mobile web services. A
    42 Yulop A location-based search engine, http://m.yulop.com provides mobile search, navigation and traffic info, and locating friends and family. A

    And then here is an explanation of what the letter classifications on the right mean:

    A – Full Web

    These search sites are the mobile equivalent of Google or Yahoo. They search the full web to get the best response to your query. Type a keyword or phrase into a text-box on the mobile site, and it will display a page with a list of responses. To better adapt to the mobile Internet, quite a number of these sites now pursue an “answers not links” policy. These sites use mobile analytics and user search-history to tailor responses to the individual user.

    B – Locater

    Location-based search engine that looks in specific geographic areas for what the user has requested. Most often interested in local shops, events and entertainments.

    C – Researcher

    These search engines are geared towards answering specific questions. If you want to know why the sky is blue, or who did the voice for Principal Skinner in the Simpsons, these mobile sites are for you. Some use “intelligent” search engines to try and locate the best answer. Some search an internal database of information. Others forward your query onto a living researcher, who finds the answer to your question and sends it back to you.

    D – Different!

    This category covers those search engines which serve such a specific (and often very clever) purpose that they simply don’t fit into any other category

    Here is my original post – These are some places you should be submitting your mobile website (Some are repeated from above – Sorry):

    •       Google:

    –      Submit mobile & traditional site map through Google Webmaster Tools: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/dashboard

    –      Use the old-school submission form at:  www.google.com/addurl and put ‘mobile’ in the comments field

    –      Submit all addresses to Google Local: http://www.google.com/local/add/businessCenter

    •       Yahoo: http://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/mobilesubmit

    –      Submit all addresses to Yahoo Local: http://listings.local.yahoo.com/csubmit/index.php

    •       MSN/Windows Live: http://webmaster.live.com/

    –      Submit all addresses to Live Search Local: https://ssl.search.live.com/listings/BusinessSearch.aspx

    •       Nokia: http://europe.nokia.com/A4568518

    •       JumpTap http://www.jumptap.com/content-publishers-submit-content

    •       Medio http://medio.com/partners/addyourmobilesite/

    •       Bango http://www.bango.com

    •       Taptu http://taptu.com/a/submit?ps=Q1A9b

    •       Sprint https://developer.sprint.com/site/global/home/p_home.jsp

    •       Crispy http://www.crispyweb.com/submitmobile.htm

    •       Abphone http://www.abphone.com and http://m.abphone.com

    •       Vtap http://www.vtap.com/index.html

    •       AOL http://wap.aol.com

    •       Mobiseer http://www.mobiseer.com (social bookmarking)

    •       Dotmobi http://mtld.mobi/sitesubmit

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