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    Mobile Marketing Training and In-House Seminars

    Cindy Krum, CEO & Founder of MobileMoxie is a highly sought after conference speaker, presenting and training in-house teams throughout the US and around the world. She also serves as faculty at Rutgers University, teaching mobile marketing in a Digital Mini-MBA program, and soon, a dedicated semester-long mobile marketing course. People describe Cindy’s training style as personable, engaging and action oriented. She uses real world examples and engages the audience with their own mobile devices. Cindy can help your attendees or employees learn what they need to know about mobile marketing or develop a specific strategy for moving forward with a particular product or brand. A variety of presentation formats are available including lecture, structured brainstorming, group-led discussion, project discussion and Q & A. Cindy can speak to all level of attendees, from novice to expert practitioner.

    Cindy’s book, Mobile marketing: Finding your customers no matter where they are, by Que Publishing is a top-rated mobile marketing book available in most book stores and on Amazon.com. It is also used as core curriculum and required reading in university-level classes across the United States. If you would like your team to learn more about any chapter or section of the book, Cindy is available for in-house mobile marketing training sessions to expand on the information presented in the book.

    The logos and conference series below are a sample of the groups that have invited Cindy to present at seminars or in-house mobile marketing trainings. If you would like to find out more about having Cindy speak at your event, host an in-house training session or an online webinar, contact us immediately for pricing and availability. It is best to book at least three months in advance, though all opportunities will be considered.

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