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    Mobile Marketing: Finding Your Customers No Matter Where They Are – A Book by Cindy Krum

    Expand your Knowledge of Mobile SEO, Analytics, Application Development and More

    For the top mobile marketing strategy, reach for Mobile Marketing: Finding Your Customers No Matter Where They Are. This book will rapidly increase your knowledge or mobile marketing in a variety of areas. Whether you are interested in mobile website development, Mobile SEO (search engine optimization), mobile advertising, mobile application development, or targeting and tracking, you will find it all here. With very few mobile marketing books available, it is especially rare to find one with such a wide range of topics and depth of content. A sweeping look at the world of mobile marketing such as this could be daunting, but this book is entertaining and easy to understand – it’s great for newcomers to the topic and old hats alike.

    Learn all About Mobile Marketing with Book Topics, Including:

    • Getting Started, FAST! Get moving with a mobile marketing strategy the makes sense for you. Learn whether mobile SEO, advertising, or building an award winning application is the right route for your business when it comes to the mobile web. You will learn how to pick and choose the mobile strategies that are the best for you.

    • Mobile Targeting and Tracking: Find out who your target audience is, which phones they are using, what mobile sites they visit, and how to market directly to them. Once you find your target demographic and discover how they use the mobile web, you will learn how to track that your mobile marketing efforts are reaching them, and working.

    • The iPhone: Everyone knows that the iPhone is a useful, hip, multitasking super-phone. Learn all about what the iPhone is capable of, what it lacks, how to target the iPhone user demographic, and get access to the top mobile marketing tips pertaining to the iPhone device.

    • Mobile Applications: Mobile marketing is more than buying advertisements and putting up a mobile website. With today’s smart phones, developing applications (or “apps”) can be a very successful marketing strategy. Learn more about what apps are, how they work, and whether they are right for you.

    • Mobile SEO: Mobile Search Engine Optimization is an excellent way to reach your target audience when they are out in the world, trying to find your product or service through a mobile search engine. If your website doesn’t rank in Google Mobile results, you are missing a huge opportunity. Discover the best ways to optimize your website so that mobile users can find it while they are on the go!

    • International Mobile Marketing: The world is becoming smaller and smaller, with mobile phones and the Internet as the leading causes. This book will help you navigate and understand the complexities of mobile marketing abroad. Markets such as Asia and Europe brought mobile marketing to where it is today. Understand what works in International markets, and why.

    • And much more!

    This mobile marketing book is an excellent way to begin navigating this new and changing world. Learn all you need to know about the mobile web and how to drive customers using this revolutionary marketing tool.

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      Nice book. Keep up the research

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    Published: 25/02/2010

    Publisher: Que Corporation,U.S.

    ISBN: 9780789739766

    Buy Mobile Marketing:
    Finding Your Customers No Matter Where They are
    At the following online retailers:

    $16.49 on Amazon
    $9.99 on Kindle
    $17.31 on Barnes & Noble
    $19.99 on Nook
    15.29 on Waterstones
    13.91 Waterstones eBook

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