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    Mobile Marketing Solutions – You Have Many Options to Choose From. Take a Look at the Mobile Marketing Services Menu

    Ad Hoc Consulting
    When you are in a pinch and need advice from an expert, choose our Ad Hoc Consulting option. Maybe you are about to launch a new mobile marketing campaign and need to verify that you have optimized for the right keywords. Perhaps you aren’t getting the result you hoped from a campaign and need a quick diagnostic audit. When you need fast advise, choose ad hoc consulting. It is a great, flexible mobile marketing service.

    Project Based Consulting
    This service is great for you if you work on many projects throughout the year, but they are spread out during different times, rather than constant. Each time you are getting ready to start a new project, engage Mobile Moxie right from the start. You will know that your entire project will be optimized to target your demographic, and that your results will be measurable from beginning to end.

    Ongoing Consulting
    If you are they type of company that is never without a new marketing campaign, consider ongoing consulting. Running multiple mobile campaigns at once, or several different projects like mobile search, apps and mobile websites? Ongoing consulting is a mobile marketing solution that will allow for all of the consulting you need. This solution will ensure that while you may be running several campaigns, your branding and message will come across clearly because Mobile Moxie knows your business in and out.

    Speaking Engagements & Corporate Trainings
    If you need an expert in mobile marketing strategy, Cindy Krum is the person for you. Cindy regularly speaks at national and international conventions, major corporations and schools, and writes for industry publications. Bring your marketing team up to speed on mobile marketing strategies with a corporate training session. This is a scalable solution when you wish to expand the skills of your existing marketing or technology team.

    What To Expect as a Client of Mobile Moxie:

    You many wonder what to expect as a client of Mobile Moxie. If you have never worked with a mobile marketing company before, this entire process may be new to you. If you are seasoned in working with consultants, you may be pleasantly surprised at the options available with Mobile Moxie. No matter what the size of your project, or the stage of development, you will find that Mobile Moxie has a mobile marketing solution for you. Offering ad hoc consulting, ongoing consulting, existing mobile site audits and strategy assessments, Mobile Moxie can do it all!

    Working with a Top Mobile Marketing Company

    CEO and Founder of Mobile Moxie, Cindy Krum is the expert you need to guide you through the quickly evolving world of mobile marketing and development. Cindy has been at the helm of mobile marketing services and solutions since 2006. Since then the world of mobile marketing has grown and with it, Cindy’s services have broadened. You can feel confident that no matter what your project, Cindy and Mobile Moxie will be able to advise and strategize using the most recent and relevant best practices.

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