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    One of the best things you can do for your teams is provide them summaries of the necessary information they need to launch their campaign. It is no different in mobile marketing! In this section of the site you will find the following mobile marketing cheat sheets and check lists to help your marketing teams have a successful campaign or website launch.

    Mobile Web Development Checklist

    This checklist can be used by developers working on the mobile content to ensure that each page is mobile compliant and optimized. It will include links to tools that can help in the evaluation of pages before they go live.

    Mobile SEO Checklist

    This checklist can be used by developers or SEO’s who are checking a mobile page before it goes live. It will help ensure that your site has the highest potential to rank in mobile search results across the widest range of different mobile phones and search engines.

    Mobile Usability Checklist

    The importance of usability and facilitating conversion cannot be over-stated. The mobile web can make conversion more difficult, so this checklist will ensure that you have met the basic expectations for usability and interactivity on your mobile website.

    HTML 5 Cheat Sheet

    HTML 5 is an advanced version of HTML that can help you create a more interactive experience with your mobile audience. This cheat sheet will show you some of the basic HTML 5 commands that you can incorporate into your mobile site to keep your audience engaged and take advantage of new types of interaction from the mobile web.

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