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    How to Use This Tool

    Emulate and compare your website across a variety of different phones. This is a one-stop mobile emulation shop! Compare how your site looks on three phones at a time, with the handset, browser and operating system (OS) specifications right beside the emulations. No need to download and install these mobile emulators – all the emulations are performed live online!

    Accurate emulation is one of the most difficult tasks for a mobile marketer. Different browser, handset and mobile operating systems make it almost impossible to predict how a website will look across all phones. Simply put in a url and choose the three mobile phone renderings that you would like to compare; this mobile website simulation tool will give you everything you need.

    This mobile phone emulation tool will let you perform a limited number of mobile emulations per day. If you like the tool, or would like to be able to export the results in a PDF please sign up for the MobileMoxie Mobile Emulation Tool Kit. When you sign up, you will also get a longer list of phones to test on, if the phone you are looking for is missing. Here is a complete list of the mobile devices available after you subscribe. Please note that this tool is still in beta. If you experience problems with it, please drop us a note. If we can replicate the problem we will give you a free month of membership on the site.