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    How to Use This Tool

    Mobile search engine rankings vary from phone to phone. This is because the search engines are trying to provide links to websites that will work on the phone that has submitted the search. If there is a lot of content on a website which will not work at all on the phone, then the search engine will rank it lower, or not rank it at all. This mobile SEO tool will let you see the differences and compare them across three phones at a time. Simply choose three mobile phones, and choose what mobile search engine you would like to check – Google, Bing or Yahoo.

    When you hit compare the results will be shown side by side on your screen. Since phones screens are all different sizes it can be hard to tell what is above the fold and below the fold. This is made even more difficult by the ability to change between landscape and portrait. In general, you can usually see as many as 4 results above the fold on most smart phones when they are held in portrait, and 2 results above the fold when they are held in landscape mode. If you need more specifics than this, simply click on the name of the phone in the results to pull up all of the specifications.

    This tool will limit how many searches you can simulate in a day. If you would like to be able to perform more searches, or would like to be able to export the results in a PDF, please sign up for the MobileMoxie Mobile Search Engine Simulation Tool Kit. Please note that this tool is still in beta. If you experience problems with it, please drop us a note. If we can replicate the problem we will give you a free month of membership on the site.