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    Optimize your mobile marketing campaigns with the use of our free and groundbreaking mobile marketing tools. You will not find tools geared specifically for mobile marketing anywhere else on the Internet. Compare the way your website renders on different mobile phones and mobile devices, discover the best keyword phrases for mobile search, discover how your site ranks on different mobile browsers and more! When you need mobile marketing tips, our tools are hard to beat. Optimizing your mobile marketing campaigns has never been easier or more fun than it is with our new tool set.

    You will be able to visualize what your website will look like on a broad array of mobile devices, including Blackberry phones, HTC phones, Droid, the iPhone, the iPad and tablets. Find the phrases people search for when they are out on the go and looking for your product or service, and evaluate the SEO (search engine optimization) of your mobile website. All of this great technology is at your fingertips with the help of Mobile Moxie.

    Mobile Marketing Made Easier with Our Tools:

    At MobileMoxie, we are always trying to provide the best, most up-to-date set of tools to help you with your mobile marketing and mobile SEO endeavors. Try our tools 3 times for free and then register for an account to continue using our mobile marketing tool set. Our mobile marketing tool-set includes the following tools:

    Browser Redirection Tool

    This tool was built to author server script that will control how your website is displayed on different devices. If your site has desktop pages, mobile pages and maybe even tabled pages, the script this tool generates will recognize what type of device that they are on and automatically redirect the user to the correct version of that page. When used correctly with canonical tags, this arrangement can help with one of the biggest struggles of mobile SEO – that the desktop pages out-rank the mobile pages, even in mobile search. When this tool is set up, even if your desktop pages rank best in mobile search, mobile users will be redirected to the mobile page when they request a desktop page from a mobile search result. See how easy it is to automatically redirect mobile users from your desktop site now!

    Mobile Page Load Analyzer

    Load time is a very important aspect of mobile web development. Pages that are slow to load will frustrate your mobile site visitors and create a bad experience on your website. This tool will help you isolate opportunities to improve the load time of your pages. It will break down and illustrate the different elements that must be downloaded to a phone for your page to render, and how much load time they all take. It will also show the different header controls that can change how your page content is cached, also impacting the mobile load time of your page. Check out your mobile page load time now!

    Mobile Page Code Validation Tool

    This tool will evaluate the code on your mobile site to find opportunities for improvement. It compares the code of your site against mobile development best practices, and will give you a pass/fail grade with for each guideline. If you fail, it will also give you helpful information about improving the code. Click here to check the code on your mobile website now!

    Mobile Handset Emulator and Phone Comparison

    This tool allows you to quickly compare the way your mobile or traditional site renders across three phones at a time. Compare the rendering all in one place, to simulate how your mobile site looks on a variety of different phones. MobileMoxie is the only place on the web where you have this capability all on one site. Next to each emulation you will see vital statistics for each phone. These will help you understand what is causing different elements of your site to render differently. If you click on those stats, you can find the full spec sheet for the phone, so you will know exactly what to plan for. Click here to see how your site looks on different mobile phones now!

    Mobile Search Engine Simulation

    Mobile search results change from phone to phone, so tracking mobile search results can be difficult. Want to know how your site ranks on different phones? Choose three phones, and submit a keyword – we will show you the search results on each phone, so you can compare immediately. Compare Google, Yahoo or Bing! Click here to see how your site ranks in mobile searches for your top keywords!

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