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    How to Use This Tool

    Our Mobile Site Indexing Tool will help you find the biggest opportunities to improve the load time and rending potential of your site on a variety of different phones. Simply enter a url for either a mobile or traditional website and choose the phone that you would like to test it on. This tool will pass the specific phone or ‘user-agent’ that you choose when it is requesting the website.

    If your website automatically redirects to a mobile version of the page when it is requested on a phone, then this tool will be affected the same way. The results of the test will show if you have properly coded the site for functionality, design, accessibility and technical readiness. It will also give you a peak at the mobile header code that controls how the site is sent to different mobile phones, and the mobile mark-up code, which is what mobile browsers use to render the page.

    This tool allows you to test the code readiness for a variety of different mobile phones and user agents, but it will also let you pass the user agent of the top mobile search engine bots like Google-Bot Mobile, MSN Bot, Yahoo Slurp and BaiduSpider. You can also emulate a variety of mobile and traditional browsers, like Chrome, Safari, Opera and FireFox. Beyond that, this tool will let you emulate some of the mobile web enabled game stations, like the PlayStation Portable and the Nintendo Wii.

    This mobile code checking tool will let you perform a limited number of code tests per day. If you like the tool, or would like to be able to export the results in a PDF please sign up for the MobileMoxie Mobile Development Tool Kit. When you sign up, you will also get a longer list of phones to test on, if the phone you are looking for is missing. Here is a complete list of the mobile devices you will be able to test when you sign up. Please note that this tool is still in beta. If you experience problems with it, please drop us a note. If we can replicate the problem you send in we will give you a free month of membership on the site.