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Mobile Marketing Expert, Cindy KrumThe Mobile Marketing Toolset developed by Mobile Moxie will allow you to develop mobile-friendly websites and applications, optimize your websites and apps for search on traditional search engines and mobile phones, and much more.

Marketers and developers will love this comprehensive and easy-to-use mobile toolset. With these tools in your arsenal you can feel confident in your website’s performance and visibility on mobile devices.

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MobileMoxie developed these tools to use internally and now they are offering them to you! Some of the clients they worked with include:

KAYAK MTV eBay Classifieds

Mobile Marketing Toolset Produced by Mobile Marketing Expert & Speaker: Cindy Krum

International Mobile Marketing Expert: Cindy KrumCindy speaks internationally on Mobile Marketing and is the foremost expert in that field. Don't miss her speak, she's all over the place:

Search Marketing Expo
Search Engine Strategies     Rutgers UNI         RIMC


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Testimonials from Current Mobile Marketing Toolset Subscribers

Steve KilbergSteve Kilberg, CEO, SKRP Media

"One of my favorite tools within the Mobile Moxie Marketing Toolset is the 'Mobile Marketing Examples'. Just looking thru a couple of examples has opened my eyes to some very creative ideas that others have implemented. This forces me to think in a different way which is good, because it allows me to better serve my clients. Due to the fact Mobile Marketing continues to exploded, I feel that the Mobile Moxie's toolset will give me that advantage I need to stay competitive in the marketplace."

Allison Nuanes Allison Nuanes, CEO, ALN Consulting

"With the Mobile Moxie tools, I know that the websites I work on will perform to the best of their abilities on mobile phones. The Mobile SEO tool is indispensable! Mobile indexing results for tons of phones and browsers are at my fingertips in mere seconds."