Technical Tools

Get the technical resources you need to improve your mobile website's functionality, user experience, and overall performance. We can evaluate your site, if it's mobile specific (mDot), responsive design, or even desktop web and selective serving. Our Technical Tools will analyze your mobile website for critical performance factors, test your website on a variety of phones and tablets, and even generate code for mobile redirects.
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Device Emulator

The appearance of a mobile website can vary from one device to another. Both the browser and the phone can impact how your page appears. If you're a developer, this tool lets you test and tweak your mobile or responsive website on a variety of phones. If you're focusing on ad-buys and PPC, this tool lets you preview your mobile landing pages, to ensure that they display correctly and drive the highest conversion possible.

Site Analyzer

There are a long list of factors that can influence how your mobile site performs. Check your website's functionality, design, accessibility, optimization, and load times and identify key areas for improvement.

Redirect Generator

User-agent detection and redirection is an important part of mobile site development – especially for content developed specifically for consumption on a mobile device (such as an mDot). Developers will appreciate the ability to create and update highly-customizable mobile redirection scripts, using check boxes and radio buttons. When planning a PPC campaign, this tool can help you leverage one URL to send users to the right version of your landing page on any device.

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